PLAID, Inc. has been awarded 2019 Google Cloud ™ Breakthrough Partner of the Year for Japan

PLAID, Inc. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo: CEO Kenta Kurahashi), who provides the CX (customer experience) platform “KARTE”, has been awarded the 2019 Google Cloud Breakthrough Partner of the Year for Japan. The 2019 Google Cloud Breakthrough Partner of the Year for Japan was credited with increasing customer numbers and revenue as a result of expanding its partnership with Google Cloud last year. In addition, Plaid began collaborating with Google last year to expand the cloud market in Japan, and as an example, has begun development of a machine learning platform with KARTE that leverages Google Cloud AI.

Keitaro Takayanagi, Director of PLAID, Inc.

With the investment from Google™ in November 2019, we are grateful that our partnershiphas been strengthened and we have been able to deliver value in a wide range of areas, not only in terms of technology collaboration, but also in terms of providing new solutions to our customers. We look forward to making our partnership even stronger so that together we can continue to deliver overwhelming value to our users.


Masato Takahashi, Executive Officer, General Manager, Partner Business Headquarters, Google Cloud Japan GK

We are pleased to announce that PLAID, Inc. has received the 2019 Google Cloud Breakthrough Partner of the Year for Japan. With a strong commitment to Google Cloud, PLAID, Inc. was able to provide users with a real-time experience and customer insights, developing many joint projects with us. Google Cloud is looking forward to conntinue working together with PLAID, Inc.


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About PLAID, Inc.

As a technology company, our mission is to “maximize the value of people through data”. In 2015, we officially launched our CX (customer experience) platform, KARTE and in 2018, we began offering KARTE for App for smartphone apps and KARTE DataHub, which connects all customer related data to KARTE.

About KARTE.

KARTE is a CX (customer experience) platform that analyzes the behavior of customers using websites and applications in real time to visualize each individual and provides a one-stop solution for free communication tailored to each individual customer.The service was launched in March 2015. It is highly expandable and can be used not only onsite but also able to solve various marketing issues and needs in various situations. KARTE enables better customer understanding by integrating and analyzing all data on individual customer and improves the value of end-user experience(CX). Google and Google Cloud are trademarks of Google LLC.